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Basic Usage

This guide will help you get set up and create your first voams.

Create an account

First things first, you need an account to use voam. If you don't have one yet, go to the sign-up page and go through the steps. Then come back here to follow the rest of the guide.

Download the app

One of the benefits of doing your administration by voice, is that you can do it anywhere and anytime, without having to sit down at a computer. That's why recording voams works best on your phone. If you haven't done so, download the voam app now from one of the following links:

Download for iOS Download for Android

We recommend using the app to complete the rest of this guide.

Create your first voam

Let's create your first voam! Go to the Create screen in the app and tap Structured Note. This type of voam determines the structure of your note based on what you have to say. They are great for taking longer notes about arbitrary topics.

Go ahead and tap the record button to give it a try! Need some inpiration? Talk about three types of food you enjoy, what you did last weekend, and/or any holiday plans you might have.

Export your voam

Amazing! Now that you have created your first voam, you might want to share it or save it somewhere else. While voam can be integrated with other tools, you can always copy or email a voam to yourself. For now, try sharing your voam with yourself via email using the share button in the app.

Copy voams directly to markdown editors

In case you are using a markdown-based tool like Notion or Coda, try the Copy as Markdown option and paste it directly into a page.

Create a voam with a template

Voams can have templates. Templates are designed to support a specific task that you have to do more often. We offer some standard templates for common tasks, such as writing meeting notes or logging a (customer) call.

  • The predefined structure of these templates helps you to create quality documentation.
  • The prompts on your screen remind you what to talk about.
  • Since they are capable of extracting specific data points from your voice, they also enable powerful automations and integrations with other systems.

For now, try logging a fictive call using the Log a Call template that should be visible on the Create screen.

Script for a fictive call

You can use this script to try it out: ☎️ "I tried to call Joe from Voam Technologies, but he didn't answer, so I left a voicemail. I will try again tomorrow."

Submit your voam

You may have noticed the submit button on that last voam.

Submit icon

By submitting a voam, you do a few things:

  • You indicate that you've checked the contents and the voam is ready.
  • You send the extracted data to the database, meaning it shows up in Search and can be viewed by your colleagues.
  • You send the data to any linked meetings or other items in your CRM.
  • You trigger all automations that you have configured for the template. By default, the result will be sent to you by email.

Go ahead and submit your voam now!

Structured Notes can only be submitted if they are linked to your CRM.

Learn about CRM integrations in the integrations section.

What's next?

You've completed this guide! We hope you've enjoyed it and that you're excited to start using voam. A few last remarks:

  • We create custom templates for our customers, just reach out to us via
  • We're still learning. If you have suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear it! Please share via

Next up, you might want to learn how to send your voams directly to your CRM. Check out more about integrations.